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Bespoke Services

We offer a personal service to every client to make their dreams become a reality at a competitive rate. From engagement rings, to wedding rings, to earrings and to necklaces's, we can create anything your heart desires. We offer a bespoke service to every individual and adjust designs to make them realistic and long lasting. A favourable way of creating new jewellery is using the clients old gold or old stones. Using these saves money and can offer more sentimental value to the item.


To see further examples of handmade, bespoke jewellery we have created, visit the 'gallery' page.

Please find below an example of our bespoke service. It started off with a specific image from the client. We created a silver model at first, this allowed us to cast each component separately. The end result was an 18ct Yellow Gold diamond set shank and an 18ct White Gold setting for the 0.85ct centre diamond. 

Victorian Ring

Stage 1: The design stage, the client can provide images of pre-existing pieces for inspiration to create a new design. Another way is where the client can provide sketches. 

Silver Sample

Stage 2: Thomas has created a silver sample in this example to show to client how the ring will look and to get an accurate finger size. This stage isn't always undertaken, but in this instance, two different metal types were being used. The silver sample is then sent out for casting. 

18ct Yellow & White Gold Mount

Stage 3: The components are back from casting and put together with an early stage finish. 

18ct Yellow & White Gold Art Deco Ring

Stage 4: The ring has been set with its required stones and engraving has been added. The ring is then has its final polish before handing over to the client. 

Platinum Halo Ring Process
18ct Yellow Gold Halo Ring Process
5 Stone Ring Process

If you would like to make your dream to become a reality please contact us via the contact form.

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