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Restoration Services

Here at Thomas Skinner Jewellery we provide a range of restoration services to make your jewellery last longer.

Examples of services we provide are: 


-Antique & Modern Restorations

-Handmade Commission Pieces

-Polishing Services

-Gemstone Replacement

-General Repair Work

-Trade Work

If you require any of the services below, please get in touch via our contact form for a valuation.

Re-clawing & Re-tipping


After years of wear, naturally the claws of a ring will become worn. Depending on how often you wear your ring, the claws should last between 8-15 years.

Here at Thomas Skinner Jewellery we can provide our re-clawing & re-tipping service to ensure your stones are safe and give the claws a new lease of life.

There is a slight difference between both services. 

This service will vary in price depending on how worn the claws are. 

Gemstone Replacement


Over time jewellery will naturally wear. With this natural process, gemstones have a higher risk of going astray. We provide a professional service at a competitive rate to replace the missing gemstone/s to match the original stone.

Jewellery Polishing Service

Jewellery Polishing Service


We provide a professional polishing service to restore your jewellery to its former glory. Monitored to a high standard we can make your piece look brand new.

Other Restoration Work


The services above are specialised, but we do cater for other restoration work. We can create full or half shanks provide ring re-sizing services and gallery restoration. The list is infinite.

Trade Work



If you are in the trade and would like to outsource some work to ease the your work load, please use the contact form to discuss further.

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