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Romantic Proposal


Here at Thomas Skinner jewellery we provide a personal service.

Thomas educates all his clients on various stones and designs to create an optimal end product to satisfy all parties. Thomas will sit and discuss designs with you, with the end goal of creating an item that is unique and long lasting. 

What’s special about this process is that you can be a part of every stage. You can choose from various stones that vary in size, colour and cut. A personal touch, all within your budget.

The next stage of the process will be the ring design. A great way to kick start this, is by taking inspiration from other pieces. We usually take aspects of other products, or inspiration from other natural forms to design and construct a beautiful ring. A piece you can be proud of.

Thomas has created many different rings over the years, including;

         -Simple solitaires

         -Diamond halo set engagement rings

         -Engraved Rings

If you would like to book an appointment please use our contact form or drop us an email.

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